Libertarians should give big government a chance. 

-The Fed is a private organization that libertarians frequently call for abolishing.  But if the fed is abolished then wont an expansion of the government then automatically take place in order to fill the need to set monetary policy?

-The term ‘Libertarian’ is based on the Latin word for freedom.  So if freedom is the goal, then can’t big government actually act as a vehicle for making possible increased freedom.  Just one example is the publicly owned roads and highway systems that we take for granted but for which the government makes possible which in turn makes the ‘freedom of the open road possible’ as well.

-Libertarians frequently rail against big government restricting our freedoms.  But in the most egregious cases of government tyranny, there often is big business behind the scenes pushing for those restrictions we all hate.  So maybe it isn’t big government that is necessarily the problem but rather big business that is.  For instance, much of our excessive prison population can be attributed to a malign influence by the for-profit prison industry pushing for heavier prison sentences for drug crimes.  Now, if all of our prisons in this country were publicly run and all of the suppliers to those prisons were government operations as well, that would be a situation where government would have grown larger and the influence by big business in promoting tyranny would have correspondingly grown much smaller.  The capitalist market incentive to fill our prisons would be removed and in its place would be the just the incentive put on by the public to at least reduce the prison population to reduce the public expense if not the injustice of putting into cages thousands who committed the non violent offense of possessing or distributing a mood altering substance.

-If freedom is the goal, why stop with roadways, why not expand to other utilitarian structures such as internet broadband cabling and distribution, cell phone systems, credit and debit card point of sale systems, cable TV, and health care payment systems?



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