I’m getting very impatient with the lack of progress with wealth redistribution.  While there has been many accusations that such and such a politician is engaging in wealth redistribution, I believe in most cases such accusations should be treated as a compliment not deserved.  For what has really been going on is wealth concentration.  Where is the redistribution of wealth?  What is often called wealth redistribution — welfare, is really just the practice of throwing a few crumbs at the masses to quell the rabble.  While I also hear much grumbling about the gap between the wealthy and the rest of us, I very rarely see any suggestions that would have any significant material effect on that gap.  It is time a sense of urgency be addressed in the matter and to bring out proposals for implementing a real redistribution of wealth.   I have already put forth some proposals  in some of my essays — Wealth Redistribution is Class Peacefare not Warfare. and The Freedom that Communism Brings.


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