April 26, 2014: Why must achieving wealth redistribution be so difficult? It seems like all the so-called progressive Democratic party elected politicians merely grumble just like their constituents about the wealth gap. I feel like saying to those elected officials “Hey, you can do more than just grumble, you can at least introduce some laws that engage in some real clawbacks from the wealthy that have the goal of achieving a more fair distribution of the material wealth of the nation. Sure such proposals might never make it through some committee, but at least we would see you trying to do something to distribute the wealth and you can only do as much is under your control. Once you write up and introduce such a bill and make a good case supporting it, you can then rest easy knowing you did your best. And from that point forward we can all put the onus on those elected officials that are blocking such a fair system.” I don’t think it should be so difficult to garner public support for such a bill because most of the public are not rich and would therefore not be harmed financially from any wealth redistribution act but would instead face the opposite situation of being in the position to receive a financial windfall from all that wealth that was originally assigned to some rich person or organization but now is in the hands of some common man pleb.


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