Just jotting down some quick thoughts about climate change controversy.  Perhaps the push to limit coal power plants in the US is, ironically, a nod to Big Oil.  Reason: perhaps the biggest threat to Big Oil is the battery powered vehicle.  If electric vehicles every became widespread there would presumably be needed a greater power capacity that could only be filled by not less, but more coal plants.  A lot of trucks have a lot of space underneath the trailer or box that would seem to be ideal place to put electric batteries. 

Also I would imagine coal plants could more easily be converted to alternative renewable fuels such as switch grass as compared to natural gas power plants.  Natural gas plants rely heavily on gas obtained through fracking — a process that is fraught with environmental hazards that may turn out to be worse than ever imagined to the point where a moratorium on all fracking could be implemented. If that were to be the case then surely there would be a shortage of natural gas to the point where our now heavy reliance on power plants powered by gas would result in power brown outs that never would have occurred had there not been such restrictions on new coal plants.


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