I was just watching MSNBC Morning Joe program where they were talking with a defense expert by the name of Hayden.  At the 5:57 point in the interview Joe said that in a meeting where Trump was consulting with an unnamed foreign policy expert, Trump asked three times “If we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we just use them?”  This creates just another reason why we cannot risk having Trump becoming President.  Among other things, his asking the same question three times in the same interview presents the possibility that Trump is facing the early stages of dementia.   Presumably the foreign policy expert answered the question every time, so why did Trump have to ask more than once.  Not only  should Trump have already known of the dangers of weapons that he would have the trigger to as President, but he also should have got it after having his question was answered the first time in the same interview.  Trump asking the same question three times in the same meeting is in itself a symptom of having great difficulty with his short term memory.  Combine his apparent reasoning difficulties with poor short term memory along with many instances of paranoia, another symptom of dementia, we must realize we need to stop being nice or polite and call out the wannabe emperor for having no clothes — he may be in the early stages of dementia and therefore not fit to be President.

What Trumps comments also show is that progressive voters voting for a third party candidates are engaging in risky behavior insofar as doing so could risk having someone who doesn’t appreciate the dangers of the very nuclear weapons he would have the prerogative to launch.  We are facing an exigent situation here that we haven’t faced in any recent previous presidential elections.  In the past three Presidential elections I have voted for either the Green Party or the Socialist Workers Party candidate — but not in this election.  This time is different.  In past elections I at least had confidence in the mental stability of the Republican candidates such as Mitt Romney.  Therefore I didn’t see such a grave risk if the Republican candidate were elected like I now see with Trump.  Given the risks involved not only should all progressives, and anyone else for that matter, be sure to vote for Hillary Clinton, Jill Stein should suspend her campaign and endorse Hillary as well.  Voting for anyone besides Hillary is playing with fire.  We are in an all hands on deck situation here to insure this ship of a country and world stays afloat long enough to have a chance to implement some sorely needed progressive reforms including but not limited to the ideas of Bernie and Jill Stein.  We may need to call our representative democratic system largely a failed experiment and implement a complete overhaul such as phasing in a direct democracy modeled after the one successfully run in ancient Greece.  But we need to be around to try those ideas.  Pleas, don’t be gambling by voting third party just because it is assumed your state is safe or because Hillary is hopefully high in the polls on election day.  Don’t gamble.  Vote to insure the mentally stable candidate is the one that will be in charge of the nuclear launch codes — Hillary Clinton.



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